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Kurt’s First Kiss and Blaine’s First Song

As much as last night’s Glee episode centered on the intriguing scene of a sweet and magical first kiss (or kisses), the well-loved TV musical did not fail to couple such a theme with certain society issues such as homosexuality and bullying and of course, with sensational tracks to heighten the intensity of the ‘Never Been Kissed’ episode.

The Glee Boys Perform in Episode 2.6, "Never Been Kissed"

Today’s society dictates so much of what is right and what is wrong, of what is acceptable and what is spiteful, and of what is cool and what is loser-like, and with such restraints, there are many who are pushed away, neglected, despised, and more importantly, bullied and hurt that sometimes hopelessness and despair fill the air of a victim’s normal day like scrambled eggs for breakfast. This is not something we should ignore or smile at. This is serious. This is something we need to face and fight against. So for Glee to raise awareness on such an issue in one of its episodes is something commendable. We saw how Kurt, a boy constantly criticized, slushied, thrown in dumpsters, and pushed against steel lockers just because he’s gay, transform into someone who gathered up courage to face his enemies and fight for himself because he knew someone else cared and accepted him for who he is and because he knew he was not alone in this world. Somebody made him feel that he was understood and that he is significant.

Kurt in Episode 1.1, "Pilot"

This transition is an inspiration to all victims of bullying. It sends an important message to all of them – a message that says “you are as important as the one who is bullying you, so don’t be afraid to fight for who you are”. Bullies can go as far as putting a scar on your skin as long as you shield yourself with courage. That’s what Glee is advising you to do. Stand tall; be courageous. As what I’d always say, there are more lovers than haters around, so go out there and take on the world. You are one of us no matter who you are. You, as a person, matter to many people. We are with you and we care. 🙂

But, last night’s episode wasn’t just all about Kurt learning how to put up a strong front after all those harsh moments. It was also about getting the audience to gasp and drop their buckets of popcorn as Karofsky (Max Adler)  suddenly put his lips against Kurt’s for a surprise smooch! Say what? What on earth just happened? Well, apparently, the unthinkable just happened! And I bet not even Nostradamus saw that coming! Glee really caught us right there! Surprise, surprise, huh? Who knew the tough-looking, bulky bully was in love with his victim? Don’t tell me you didn’t get shocked. All that time, I was anticipating Blaine (Darren Criss) to kiss Kurt, but oh well, turns out he was just a good friend and mentor. And it just had to be Karofsky to give Kurt his first kiss. Not bad, though. Not bad. Random but a totally awesome twist!

And Kurt and Karofsky wasn’t the only couple caught on kiss cam. Coach Beiste and Mr. Schue had the spotlight on them too as the hot Mckinley Spanish professor gave the beastly-bodied-yet-sweet-girl-on-the-inside football coach her first kiss in 40 years. If only all hot teachers granted such favors after a warm-hearted conversation.

Coach Shannon Beiste in Episode 2.1

We’ve got heavy drama, realizations, transformations, and a couple of shocking lip locks, but the entertainment did not end there as the episode spiced up the scenes with amazing performances and great mash-ups. Newcomer Darren Criss melted our hearts with his acapella version of ‘Teenage Dream’ that probably even Katy Perry put it on repeat just like we all have. His voice just sounded perfectly and meshed well together with the instrumentals and the hums of the boys in the background. Just beautiful! Darren Criss, you have just made us live our teenage dreams with your performance! Congratulations! And may I say, I want more Blaine (and Kurt)!

And then, there was the second round of gender battle in the Mckinley glee club where the boys dressed up in blue coats as they sang their apology to Coach Beiste to the mash-up of “Stop! In The Name of Love” and “Free Your Mind”. They clearly did a good job in trying to win back the coach’s heart, and it was just a fantabulous number. But, boys, looks like the girls got the victory card this time as they rocked out to a mash-up of “Start Me Up” and “Livin’ on a Prayer”. Fierce and sizzling! Rawr! Just look at those spicy and sexy rocker outfits! And their performance just blew me away!

‘Never Been Kissed’ is probably one of those episodes where we were not weighed down with gazillion songs to remember at the end of the show, but the fusion of a good storyline, surprising twists, inspirational messages to the real world, and sensational numbers made it one of the most beautifully crafted episode that Glee has had so far. And I am very proud of the creators, the writers, the producers, and the cast for coming up with such a heartwarming and fun project. Congratulations on a job well done!

This week was about Darren Criss. Next week is about Gwyneth Paltrow, so make sure you don’t miss that. Can’t wait for ‘The Substitute’!


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