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‘Megamind’: Not So Mega-tastic After All

The good seeks and strikes out the evil, and the good always triumphs at the end of the day – a typical day at Metro City should probably go like this. Well, unless you lose your hero somehow, somewhere.


And that’s where we find Megamind, the ultimate bad guy in the scene who is all brains and probably not all glory, struggle for his place under the stars in the latest 3D animation, Megamind. A simple tale about a highly unsuccessful but smart supervillain who finds himself useless upon the disappearance of his greatest rival, Metro Man, Megamind borders on the vulnerability of a person’s feelings where the transition between good and evil is as quick as a sugarcane melting in one’s mouth as long as the person finds the right catalyst.

Although adorable in its animation nature, the film doesn’t exactly excite in any way since the elements that comprise the bulk of it is probably a review of what we’ve seen before in movies with the exception of the characters’ sketches. The plot is as familiar as the moon in the night sky that the flick seemed just like another one that’s shown for the sake of joining in the 3D madness and not for the sake of a memorable production. And that although it is healthy to be constantly reminded of the greatness of being good as compared to being evil, the audience might already have had enough of the usual good vs. evil moral stories to bring home. A little twist of creativity, really, would have been useful in leaving a mega-impression in the minds of critics and ordinary moviegoers alike.

With a predictable turn of events and a fairytale-like resolution, Megamind offers nothing more than a blithe pastime and is rather quite a disappointment for anyone looking for a mega-blockbuster animation experience. Although substance is obviously uninteresting as it is borrowed from its predecessors, the 3D animated comedy slightly redeems itself as it takes both kids and kids-at-heart on a light adventure filled with funny scenes and punchlines as opposed to many darkly-themed action-packed movies.


But, while its lack of plot originality and complexity pushes it down the rating bars, it finds its way back up, although not enough to beam all the way up to 5 stars, with the excellent casting for the voices behind the heroic and villainous characters. Truly, the choices for the voice-overs have been remarkable in giving life to an otherwise bland screening. Special mention to Will Ferrell who did a terrific job of lending his voice to Megamind and of making the supervillain super lovable and sound very suave.


At the end of the film, Megamind proves that it’s just another cute flick not bound to gain repeat viewings from the audience but that big blue head sure is going to be remembered for quite a while. And even though the voice-over cast has given it enough fuel to power through its success, it still remains to be one that is merely above average. However, as much as the film owes much of its beauty to the storyboard’s sketches, especially of the gadgets. Now, that’s some innovation!

Yet, doesn’t this film just remind us of a Jimmy Neutron wannabe coupled with some Gru from Despicable Me?

Rating: 6/10


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