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by Cherszy (@cherszy)

Ann: Newest High Fashion Queen

Before her America’s Next Top Model days, she was called as the ‘giant’, which caused her dozens of failed applications in modeling agencies as well as a lot of heartaches. But, Ann Ward has come a long way to prove them all wrong and show how deserving she is to be on the classiest runways and become the face of one of Italy’s most fashionable magazine, Vogue Italia.

Ann Photo 7

With a height of 6’2″, Ann proved to the world that she can give a new, positive interpretation to the ugly title she lived with in the past years as she stood tall above every contestant and conquered Cycle 15.

Ann Photo 6

As early as the start of the competition, Ann’s enthusiasm and ability to give great shots impressed the judges and caught the attention of viewers such as myself.  She easily became the judges’ favorite and the competition’s biggest contender as she constantly wins the spot of the best photo in almost every episode. And week after week, we witnessed how Ann grew more and more into the high-fashion model that we were all waiting to spring from one of the 14 hopefuls. She continued to express a strong personality in her photos and to deliver a spectacular performance in every challenge until she has come to face the peak of this competition – the finale where she and fellow finalist, Chelsey Hersley, walked for Roberto Cavalli.

Ann Photo 5

And at the end of it all, Ann shows everyone that in spite of that tall figure and that skinny body, she is a sophisticated and talented lady who is full of potential and who will amaze you with her skills as a high-fashion model. Ann is the queen of high fashion today, who dares to throw her application out the door now?

Ann Photo 3

Congratulations Ann! You deserve that win! Good luck on the remaining path of your career. I’m pretty sure you’ll go far in this business now that you’ve gone from shy and timid to strong and fabulous. And most importantly, we hope to see you very soon on the cover of Vogue Italia!

So, for all you viewers of ANTM out there, was Ann your bet from the start or who did you want to see win this cycle? Tell me in the comments section below. 🙂

*I was a fan of Kayla’s ever since the start, so when she got the boot when the announcement of the Top 2 was made, I was heartbroken because I thought she really had the potential and passion of a model. I was really rooting for her and no offense to Chelsey, I had wanted Kayla to go against Ann at the finale because that would’ve have been more intense. But, oh well.


2 comments on “Ann: Newest High Fashion Queen

  1. houseofanita
    December 6, 2010

    Honestly I wanted Chelsey to win, because Ann – I’m really happy for her, and her photos are just amazing, but I don’t think she’s strong enough for the tough industry :/ I would be glad if I’m proven wrong (: Great post!

    • Cherszy
      December 6, 2010

      Really? In my opinion, Chelsey is just another ordinary good model, but Ann’s got something unique in her. But, I do wish the best for both of them. Getting to the Top 2 is pretty much difficult and proves how amazing they both are.

      Thanks for visiting! 🙂

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