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(4) Beautiful Christmas Flowers For You

It’s 4 days to Christmas, and if you’re still not feeling the beauty of the season surrounding you with all the catchy and traditional Christmas carols or with all the lovely and intricately-designed Christmas decorations hanging and Christmas pines standing tall in almost every house you pass by and in every store you enter, you should seriously lighten up and start downloading those holiday tunes to your iPods.

Come on, it’s Christmas! Smell the air and feel the spirit of such a wonderful holiday! No grumpy Scrooges alright?

Now, if you still need a little more push to chase those frowns and that stressed feeling from so much work away in order to fully appreciate Christmas, then maybe some wonderful flowers which I will be listing below can help do just that.

Christmas is a beautiful thing, and what better way to see that extraordinary beauty than through a garden of lovely flowers by the side street or a pot of those pretty flowers resting atop your table. With the sweet scent they bring and the delicateness of their petals, they make Christmas even more exquisite a thing. In fact, they make any occasion more special than they really are. They transform a simple something to layers of grandeur. And I hope the resplendence of Christmas gets reflected on each petal of the flowers that you come across this holiday season.

But, for the meantime, come and take a look at these enchanting red gifts of nature that are perfect for this season as they remind all of us of the love to be shared this Christmas.


Christmas Cactus

Not your usual plain and painful desert cacti.



Well, there you go! I hope those photos of 4 amazing-looking flowers talked to you about how beautiful Christmas is. 🙂 It’s a wonderful feeling to appreciate the bright  colors and the festive feeling of Christmas, so I hope you take this opportunity to appreciate your life and the world we all live in. And most importantly, I hope you take Christmas as a chance for you to share more love than you have ever shared.

Tell me, what is your favorite flower and why do you love it? Leave me your replies in the comments section below.

4 days to Christmas! Happy holidays!


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