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(3) Cute Christmas Dog Costumes

3 days to Christmas, so I’m pretty sure you’ve already ransacked the stores and gotten everyone, including yourself, a cute Christmas present. At the same time, I’m also sure that you’ve already rushed through the grocery and picked up those wonderful ingredients for your special Christmas dinner with family, friends, or just with your special someone.

With that beautiful Christmas tree standing in your living room, those red and white giant stockings hanging above your fireplace, and those colorful boxes and paper bags sitting beneath the tree, you have truly surrounded yourself with a warm and joyful Christmas environment.

Now, wouldn’t it be nicer if you could also dress up your pet dogs for Christmas day so they’d feel how wonderful it is to celebrate the holidays? Wouldn’t it be cooler if your pet dogs are draped with mini Santa costumes while walking around the house, sniffing your presents and wagging their tails around your guests? It’s like you have a live Christmas stuffed toy as your butler.

So, here are 3 of some of the Christmas costumes you could buy for your pet dog to complete the holiday experience. And they are simply adorable!

Moose Dog (or Reindeer Dog if you prefer)

Santa Dog!

Where are our lovely presents?

Little Drummer Dog

Aww… ain’t they the cutest things on Earth? Beats those little angels on your Christmas tree or those little kids caroling outside your door! Take these adorables for a walk down the street or around the park and enjoy!

So, what costumes did you buy for your pets? Share with me your ideas and photos of your cute pets in Christmas costumes!

3 days to Christmas! Happy holidays!


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