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(2) Reasons Why I Love Christmas

A lot of you will agree with me if I say that we love Christmas. Maybe not all of us, but certainly most of us do. It’s just a wonderful holiday that you can’t not fall in love with.

Christians love it because it’s the time they celebrate Jesus’ birth. Kids love it because of the presents and Santa Claus’ suprise. Families love it because it’s a time for reunions , hearty dinners, and funny stories. Students love it because they get a Christmas break. Employees and friends love it because of joyous Christmas parties and exchange gifts. Whoever you are, however it is celebrated, we all love Christmas for a particular reason. There is just something about it that makes you love it so much such that you play Christmas songs around the house as early as October and buy presents for your loved ones as early as November.

For me, I love the season of Christmas for two reasons. You may agree with me or you may have your own, but nevertheless, let me just share to you why I personally love Christmas.

First, I love Christmas because it’s a time when we become more loving, more generous, and more selfless. It’s that time of the year when we seem to involuntary share more than what we usually share and love more than how we usually love. Christmas somehow reminds us that it’s time to think less of ‘me’ and more of ‘we’ and ‘they’.

Remember you taking the time and effort to hop from store to store just to find that perfect gift for someone? You don’t do that everyday. You don’t just shop for a gift in your spare time or in the midst of your tight schedule in your daily life. You just don’t. But, on Christmas, you really take the time to look for a gift and even to stop, think, and ask yourself if the receiver will like what you will give. And then you even take the time to wrap those gifts beautifully one by one to make them presentable. To make the receiver smile when he/she gets it.

I love Christmas because everybody seems to be so selfless and so giving. They share with a smile and not with a sigh of hesitation. Christmas is that time when we break barriers, when we care more, when we think only about doing good and making people smile, and when we forget the differences between all of us and just give love and joy. It’s when we think less of ourselves for once and more of what we can do for others.

I love Christmas because we all seem to take joy in making other people happy. It’s not everyday that I see that. It’s not everyday that we take the time to think of how we can make someone smile by sharing and by loving.

And second of all, I love Christmas because it reminds me of magic. It is so magical that it will make you believe again in magic when you have ceased to believe in it.

We, at least for those who grew up in a tradition of Santa Claus, have believed and written to Santa at least once. Don’t deny it. I know you have. At least once. I believed in Santa until I was 10 and I never failed to write him every year until then. He was the figure of magic, of joy, and of hope. He always made me look forward to the holidays because I know Santa’s about to give me a present I wanted.

But, I grew up. So did you. We became more rational, we became more mature, and we forgot all about Santa and his reindeers. Eventually, we forgot about magic and about the wonders of the many things in our lives. We then ceased to believe in magic and our capacity to be amazed. Everything magical just became something deducible and explainable by science, by math, and by facts and figures. Magic became simply tricks. No more room for wow but only for why.

But, every coming of Christmas, I remember those times I believed in Santa. I remember the magic. I remember how magic made me see more, made me more open to possibilities, and made me appreciate life more. Every Christmas, I’m reminded of that magic – to keep on believing and yearning without having to calculate each and every step. It’s magic, no need to decode, no need think of the trick behind the tricks. Just believe – that’s what Christmas reminds me of every year.

Magic dust is just around us. Grab as much as you can, alright?

What about you? Why do you love Christmas? Share with me your thoughts in the comments section below.

2 days to Christmas! Happy holidays!


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