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Glee’s Superb “Super Bowl”

Grand. Huge. Crazy. Fun. Freaky. Amusing. Wild. You name it. Glee‘s “Super Bowl” episode was just fabulously awesome! With the “Thriller/Heads Will Roll” performance, the costumes, the energy, Tina’s going-for-the-goal excitement, and the makeup – especially the makeup – the FOX hit totally nailed its comeback with a bang after weeks of hibernation.

Artie and New Directions Perform in the Glee Super Bowl Special

Just when we thought that mashups in Glee were overrated, the musical comedy caught us off-guard with a spectacular and probably one of the more special numbers on the show, the “Thriller/Heads Will Roll” mashup. It had the right amount of spookiness, Broadway feel, energy, and talent which made the production something really beautiful to watch (and dance to). Totally freaked the freak out of me! Being a zombie had never seemed so cool (not even Plants vs. Zombies could top it). Now that I think about it, this episode totally beat out the “Rocky Horror Show” episode in terms of everything – costumes, performances, song choice, and most especially, makeup (loved the afterlife looks, so congratulations Glee‘s makeup artists, you truly showcased your wonderful talents).

Good job, Glee kids and that goes out to every Mckinley student who participated in the performance, even those football players whom we never thought had those amazing afterlife dance moves! Special shoutout to David Karofsky! If only real life Super Bowl games had that kind of half-time performance as well, the experience will be triple the fun!

Quinn Performs in the Glee Super Bowl SpecialWhile we and the crowd at the football arena were screaming “BRAINS!” throughout the show, Sue Sylvester was screaming “more chicken cutlets!” and “where are my Cheerios stars?” somewhere in the sidelines. Apparently, our favorite antagonist is losing interest in the (cruel) things she finds hilarious, losing her Cheerios stars to half-time zombie performances, and losing her cheerleading charm as she was named “Loser of the Year” (even landing lower than Sparky Lohan, the dog). How could THE Sue Sylvester lose it all in a day? Well, I guess after getting a tattoo on your back that says “Sue Syvlester” instead of “Sue Sylvester”, not even finding new uses for chicken cutlets is going to make you less depressed. Sue Syvlester? Seriously? As a consolation though, at least the tattoo dude got her picture right. It’ll be even more depressing if he got your nose wrong in the tattoo too.

However, as much as Sue was dispirited enough not to enjoy the Cheerios’ rendition of Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”, we wouldn’t certainly call it boring as the flames, the blue hair, the bike stunts, and well, the flame-spewing bras amused us. We wouldn’t consider that as a winning cheerleading performance though, but it was enough to entertain and to keep us excited for the rest of the show.

Santana, Brittany, and Quinn in the Glee Super Bowl SpecialThere may be a lot about the “Super Bowl” episode that spelled intensity passion, and creativity – I mean with all the fighting, Tina running for the goal and almost getting smashed by a huge dude, and of course, the wonderful performances, but it also had its share of disappointments, sad to say. Even when I thought the episode was one of the most explosive in the season, it still didn’t manage to pull off that flawlessly in order to leave us all with nothing but awe to utter.

One of the biggest letdowns was Coach Sue acting all physically violent although I must admit, I did enjoy watching her destroy Principal Figgins’ secretary’s office, like King Kong or Godzilla on the loose. It’s just that what makes Sue Sylvester such an incredibly lovable bully is her satirical attitude, but last night, she somehow lost that. Instead, she was just another angry and insecure bully who is not at all lovable. Well, except for that part where she was bribing Brittany with the story of baby cannons (admit it, that was cute) to be the human cannon ball for the Cheerios grand stunt. However, the point is, Sue just failed to be the amusing, mordant bully that she usually is. If I may say, she was pretty boring to watch, considering that the episode was entitled after her. It just didn’t seem right for Glee to let Sue be such a downer in the “Super Bowl” episode unless they were of course running for the irony that the episode was supposed to be about champions and Sue, being the usual champion, failed to be one at a time like that. However, no matter what the idea behind it was, Sue should never be made to be a boring character. As in, never because that would just defeat the whole purpose of putting a funny antagonist on the show.

Another disappointment would be the “Bills, Bills, Bills” number performed by the Dalton Warblers. Aside from not being as catchy and as fun as their previous performances, “Teenage Dream” and “Hey, Soul Sister”, it just seemed out of place. I mean, we were dealing with zombies and dancing football players in their zombie makeups, then suddenly we come to singing Destiny’s Child’s “can you pay my bills, can you pay my telephone bills” before proceeding to the finale which was again about zombies and more football? What was that all about? It didn’t seem quite the transition needed as the scene was just totally off. It felt like that the performance was forced in order to give Blaine and Kurt participation in the “Super Bowl” episode. The two would have been given the attention even if they were just cheering from the sidelines. I guess the insertion of “Bills, Bills, Bills” just didn’t really work out. Sadly.

Overall, I enjoyed every moment of Glee‘s “Super Bowl” episode although there may be little consistencies here and there. The fun, the spookiness, the excitement, and the beauty of the different performances overshadowed the moments that raised eyebrows. It was nice to see that the cast themselves enjoyed being out there and performing one of the most iconic songs of all time. Their talent and their production was truly incredible, enough to drag your feet to dance a little while you sing your night away.

Happiness. Everybody scream “BRAINS!”

Congratulations to the cast and staff of Glee for such a great piece of work. Hopefully this will be the start of many more fun and creative episodes in the second half of the second season!

Next big thing to watch out for: “Silly Love Songs” episode – that’s later! Have fun fellow Gleeks!

*Congratulations also to Green Bay Packers for being the Super Bowl champions this year! Great game you guys!

How did you like the Super Bowl and Glee’s “Super Bowl” episode?


2 comments on “Glee’s Superb “Super Bowl”

  1. notesfromrumbleycottage
    March 7, 2011

    I loved this episode. And you are right abotu Sue, she is starting to jump the shark and needs to find her way back to snarky. That is where she is happiest.

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