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Who Do We Remember from ‘American Idol’ Season 10 Auditions?

Millions of hopefuls all over America battled their vocals out in different audition sites for a golden ticket to Hollywood, but only a few managed to impress the judges enough to get them through to the next round of even tougher challenges. Of course, we met some early favorites with their hair-raising voices, but interestingly, we also met some auditioners who left us all with a different kind of “impression”.

Remember Tynisha Roches from California? No? How about the girl who chased Randy Jackson around the set? You do remember her now, right? Yup, that’s her! Tynisha. This might be a little mean to say, but seriously, that woman’s creepy. But, hey, she did give us a good laugh back then, right? Probably one of the most memorable moments in this season of American Idol.

Joining Tynisha in the list of “crazy” performers is 59-year-old (or at least that’s what he remembers) Cooper Robertson from… somewhere in the woods. He doesn’t know where he lives, how old he is, and well, he certainly doesn’t know how to take care of his health as he went jumping and stomping during his performance that he ended up short of breath. Man, he could have fainted right there and then! But, sadly (or maybe not too sadly), all that effort didn’t get him far as he understood that the silence of the judges meant it was a ‘no’ and it was time for him to head to where he needs to go home to. Good luck, “Mr. Tornado”, with finding the dirt road filled with alligators and snakes… wherever that is.

We also met a real-life transformer in the auditions who may have the brains to create a robot out of himself but not exactly the voice to get himself a golden ticket. His name’s Drew Beaumier. 24 years old from the San Francisco auditions. Really amazing costume back there, dude, but American Idol is more than being able to impress with what you wear.

Matt “Big Stats” Frankel also made some “big impression” for himself in the California auditions. No pun intended, really. This self-proclaimed freelance music producer’s (he claims to have produced a bunch of great artists) performance was just painful to watch, even insulting J. Lo like that with his torturing rendition of “Jenny From The Block”. And come on, beefin’ with Randy Jackson? What’s up with that? Man, he’s just weird.

As much as the number of awkward performances like those mentioned filled up this year’s auditions, our judges were able to find a bunch of real talents from the pool of aspiring singers. From millions narrowing down to hundreds, those who received the golden ticket stepped up even more to prove that they are the next American Idol in the Hollywood Week challenges. We’ve seen the contestants break down and struggle through their performances, but only the best of the best can make it through as the hundreds dwindle to a mere 61. However, the race to the top did not end there as only 40 out of the 61 were allowed to impress the judges one last time in their final performances before they sit on the “chair” to know their fate, whether they made it to this season’s Top 24 or not.

While the judges spilled their decisions to each of the 40 remaining contestants, our hearts broke with those who didn’t make the cut. Some really did not deserve to go home yet as they really showed potential, causing J. Lo to break down at one point as she gave the decision to one of the contestants, Chris Medina. However, like Chris, many others who were talented got the boot early on the show and disappointed their fans.

One of those contestants was single mother Paris Tassin from the New Orleans auditions who had an amazing voice. She gave a tear-jerking performance of Carrie Underwood’s “Temporary Home”, and for that alone, she has become an early favorite of mine. Unfortunately, she failed to wow the judges during the group performance where they sang Rihanna’s “Only Girl in the World”. That was really heartbreaking because I know Paris can go farther. She really has potential, and it’s just sad that she has to leave so early. Nevertheless, I’m proud of Paris because of her voice and her strength as a mother. Her story of her daughter just made me cry. Stay strong, Paris!

Another early favorite or favorites of mine who didn’t make it to the Top 24 were brothers, Mark and Aaron Gutierrez, who did a beautiful duet of “Lean On Me” during their auditions. It was a show-stopping acapella! However, group performance proved not to be in favor of Aaron while Mark did not even make it to Top 40.

Carson Higgins’ exit from the show was also a disappointment because he was really fun and he knew how to mesh singing with having fun on stage as seen in his performance of “My Prerogative”. He was different in a good way, but looks like the judges weren’t quite happy with his recent performances that they decided to cut him out.

The Minors captured our attention and our hearts when they performed Queen’s “Somebody To Love” beautifully and seamlessly during the group round of Hollywood Week. It was just love! Keonna Evans, Jalen Harris, Sarina-Joi Crowe, Felix Ramsey, and Deandre Brackensick showed what American Idol was really about! They just blew me away and the judges even gave them one of those rare standing ovations. Sadly, none of them actually made it through to the Top 24. Don’t worry, you guys, I’m sure you’ve already got fans everywhere. One of them is me.

Of course, one of the early favorites who was so close to making it through to the Top 24 and who caused J. Lo to break down was Chris Medina whose story about his sick fiancée moved us. The 26-year-old had a voice that’s so easy to fall in love with, and it’s heartbreaking to see him walk down the lane, knowing that he was eliminated. It was difficult to accept that such a talent had to go home and not be allowed to flourish in this competition. I believe he would have gone far if he was given the chance, but for now, I’m just happy that we got to see Chris Medina’s singing power. His audition piece, The Script’s “Break Even”, melted my heart. Beautiful. He’s a good guy with a great voice. Love him! For me, he has already won. I’m sure many of you share the same sentiments. More power to you, Chris!

And lastly, the guy who may be the Alex Lambert of this season would be Colton Dixon who I personally believe should be in the Top 24. He’s brilliant. He’s got the voice, the looks, and he can play the piano beautifully. His performance of Daughtry’s “What About Now” made me smile. There was so much passion in his performance that it captured my heart. It was moving. It made me a  big fan. There is just so much in this 19-year-old that hasn’t been unleashed yet, and he just wasn’t given the chance to showcase the best of his talents. He will go far in this business. He will be a music icon someday if he pursues it. I know he will. If only American Idol can bring back someone to the competition, I think it should be him. Love him, really! Good luck to you, Colton! We’re behind you!

And so, this year’s American Idol started off with some crazy performances along with some sad moments when we have to accept that some of our favorites didn’t make the cut. However, the race to the top is not yet over as our Top 24 will experience the vocal battles of their lives as they prove to America that they’re the next American Idol.

Tune in to my next post to meet the 24 contestants who emerged as the best of the best in this year’s bunch of hopefuls. Who will be your bet in this season?

*Did your favorites get through to the Top 24 or did they not make the cut? Share your thoughts on this season’s auditions in the comments section below.


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