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It’s Friday! You Know What That Means!

It’s Friday! And you know what that means! Time to jam to Rebecca Black’s hit single ‘Friday’, singing “partying, partying, yeah! Fun, fun, fun!”.

On second thought, maybe not. Let’s just get down to the club and dance to J. Lo’s ‘On The Floor’ instead.

It’s been exactly two weeks from today since the  controversial song and music video hit Youtube, where it started off with only a few thousand views. Neither did the 13-year old star nor her friends on the video knew that in a matter of weeks, the views would soar all the way to over 44 million, beating Gaga’s “Born This Way” by 20 million!

Truly, Rebecca Black is living the dream of being an overnight sensation where she goes from a normal teenager to being a(n) famous infamous star with her performance of such a simple song (using the word “song” loosely here).

Despite the “fame”, however, Black is not exactly getting the star treatment as she has been continuously bashed by viewers all over the globe ever since the video came out, calling the song “stupid” and the teen “talentless”, even going as far as calling ‘Friday’ “the worst song of all time”. Parodies of the seemingly parodic song as well as hate commentaries via Youtube, Twitter, and other social networking sites continue to be hurled at Black’s face, which she shared to be painful and caused her to cry. Well, who wouldn’t when comments like “I hope you cut yourself” and “I hope you’ll get an eating disorder so you’ll look pretty” are being thrown at you?

Sure, the song is downright annoying and is in no way near smart, but wishing the person behind the song to go cut herself is just way out of line, don’t you think? There will always be someone we hate, but we don’t have to go as far as wishing them bad stuff to get that point across. That’s just cruel. I don’t like Rebecca Black or her song, but that doesn’t mean I wish her the worst. I mean, she’s humiliated enough and it probably wasn’t her fault that the lyrics are too literal and okay, senseless and childish, since she didn’t write the song herself, so we could write her all the hate comments we want but you know, just make sure that we don’t say things like “go to hell”, “go kill yourself ‘coz you’re damn stupid”, or anything like that. I mean, if you were in her position, you wouldn’t want others to write you things like that too, right?

However, not everyone is hating on Rebecca as you might think. Apparently, she was able to garner a couple of fans who think she’s “brilliant”, including Lady Gaga and Simon Cowell. On Twitter (@MsRebeccaBlack), she has over 43,000 followers and still counting (I think), beating a couple of the sensational singers from American Idol (who I think are better singers who don’t need Auto-Tune to showcase their talents), such as Stefano Langone, Naima Adedapo, Paul McDonald, Pia Toscano, and Casey Abrams.

Well, thanks to Ark Music Factory, some music production company for aspiring teen singers that is based in Los Angeles, Rebecca Black is now phenomenal – both in a good and in a bad way – and singing her way to Hollywood while “bringing Fridays back” (as was originally written on her Twitter account description). I wouldn’t be surprised if she will also be bringing Saturdays and Sundays back – whatever that means because when were the days of the week ever gone? Interviews, TV show appearances (Tonight Show with Jay Leno), and photoshoots come left and right for the teen – looks like someone’s on her way to a successful career.

Don’t get me wrong though; ‘Friday’ is still ridiculous and one of the most irritating songs I’ve heard. The lyrics are plain weird and obviously carelessly written. I mean, we’ve heard songs with lots of repeating parts (Beatles songs anyone?), but goodness, who sings about the days of the week? We all know Saturday comes after Friday and Sunday comes afterwards. And what about that dilemma over whether to sit in the front seat or in the back seat? Wow! That is so difficult it’s gonna change your life! *insert sarcastic face here* Girl, the front seat is made for two people, so you wouldn’t even have to consider that since your two friends are already occupying those seats. Oh, and what about that part where you’re waiting for your friends to pick you up in the bus stop? And seriously, we’re listening to a song about what you do in your life, which we all kinda do too? What’s up with that?

The lyrics are seriously frustrating and make you want to raise an eyebrow the whole time, but the tune doesn’t help make it likable. Isn’t Auto-tune supposed to help make someone’s voice sound better and not robotic? What happened? The software broke down or something? Seriously, the song is just disastrous! You gotta admit though, despite the fact that everything about ‘Friday’ is wrong, it is super catchy! I mean, I’ve heard it only once, but I can’t get it out of my head. It’s like on a loop in my brain and it’s so damn frustrating! It’s like a virus that infects your brain and slowly eats away your brain cells, literally. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

While we are pulling our hair out at the mere mention of ‘Friday’, at the end of the day, you can’t deny the fact that the song still prevails – it still captures our attention… although for all the wrong reasons. Rebecca Black is (or was) trending on Twitter for the past few days also for the wrong reasons. Quoting from a top tweet: Rebecca Black, we don’t hate you because you’re famous. You’re famous because we hate you. But, hey, despite the hate, her song’s on the iTunes top 100 (#28 today) for the past week, competing alongside great songs by other big artists, such as ‘S&M’ (Rihanna), ‘F**king Perfect’ (Pink), ‘Born This Way’ (Lady Gaga), ‘On The Floor’ (Jennifer Lopez), ‘Price Tag’ (Jessie J), ‘What the Hell’ (Avril Lavigne), and the Glee songs. And hey, she’s got a poster up for sale too (well, someone got inspired to make her one) – check it out here.

Looks like Rebecca Black might be winning after all. What do you think? Is she just a sensation for the moment or is she going to be big in the music industry soon? Is Rebecca Black the next Justin Bieber? You tell me.

Enjoy your Friday everyone! And don’t forget: tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards. If you ever do forget, don’t worry, Rebecca Black’s gonna help you remember. 🙂

Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday‘:


One comment on “It’s Friday! You Know What That Means!

  1. natalya
    May 8, 2011

    Hey rebeccak black you are the best singer in the world and no will hate you trust me.

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