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Kaos: You’ve Got to See It to Believe It!

Want to feel the thrill of a different kind of variety show experience? Looking for that ultimate showmance that will bring you the beats and the heat of live entertainment? Then, come and enter the magical world of Kaos where Las Vegas glamor meets acrobatic madness meets Broadway talent in a visual spectacle.

You won’t believe your eyes. You can’t afford to blink. You will find yourself lost in the spellbinding performances you will witness. Kaos is designed to blow your mind.

Kaos with The Manila Symphone Orchestra

Set in a medieval kingdom which later warps into the future, Kaos follows the adventure of Prince Walter (Gian Magdangal) who is in search of the princess of his dreams whom he has only seen in the reflection of a magic mirror. As he travels through space and time to meet Giselle (Martha Joy Lim-Fiuza) through the magic portal, his evil advisor, Lord Gordon (Joel Trinidad), uses his newfound powers to interfere with the prince’s quest and to acquire Giselle for himself. In the end, the two protagonists find themselves saved and united by the power of true love.

While the plot may seem like a clichéd romantic fairy tale, the experience of Kaos is nowhere near childish and simple as the stunts and illusions that accompany each scene of the story continue to keep the audience at awe. From the motorcycle stunts to the balancing acts, the whole of Kaos spells spectacular and fabulous. Each act that comes on that beautifully-designed stage is a showstopper, and that is no exaggeration.

Creativity and mastery is painted all over the performers in the show as each one/pair/group skillfully showcased his/her/their talent that leaves one speechless and in utter amazement. The stunts are fresh, and the executions are flawlessly breathtaking.

Such artistry and beauty of Resorts World Manila’s first musical is a product of the efforts of renowned professionals from different parts of the globe. Each presents a taste of their specialty, and the fusion of their works gives a production that is nothing less than superb. Every minute is engaging; every act is enthralling. Kaos leaves no room for a dull moment for the audience to dwell on. There’s always something exciting and interesting that is happening on stage.

The Human Time Machine from Colombia will keep your heart hanging and your head spinning as they defy the law of gravity in their chain of routines that tests the duo’s synchronization and balance. It is definitely a heart-racing and a hair-raising performance that will send you screaming. It is surreal! You’ve got to watch it to believe it! It is crazy!

Taking gravity-defying skills to the next level is Spain’s Cycle of Life. Professional stunt motorcyclists drove their motor vehicles up and down and around the inside of a steel globe for a performance that will suspend your hearts in the air. It will keep you clinging to your chairs while you pray that they don’t crash into one another. The intensity is simply overwhelming! You better control that adrenaline rush.

Challenging their limits of physical strength and flexibility, on the other hand, is the Power Duo from Belarus. Just when you thought that headspins are enough to break your neck, these two muscular Belarusians make that move look simple and effortless as they redefine the meaning of power and endurance with their weight work. Jawdropping and not to mention, smokin’!

While the stunts are enough a feast for the eyes, the Spanish illusionist Enrique Polo made the night even more interesting with his fiery tricks and his three wild pets: Sito, the white tiger, Betty, the yellow tiger, and Kaos, the white lion.

Joining the said performers are China’s Defying Gravity who impressed the audience with their acrobatic twists and turns, Brazilian and European dancers who gracefully glided across the stage to the music of the Manila Symphony Orchestra, and the Philippines’ very own hip hop troupe, the Philippine All Stars, who got the audience rocking and grooving to the beat of “Bionic”.

While the professional artists are brilliant beyond words, the setting in which they perform is no less than magnificent. Extravagant props are set on stage, amazing the audience with the intricacy of the designs. The visual effects are equally impressive with the virtual changing of the backdrop and the perfect lighting in each scene, among others. Furthermore, the costumes provided for the cast are the epitome of elegance and extravagance. There is always a trace of that grandeur in every minute of the show.

If not for the two distracting large projectors on the sides of the stage, the show would have been absolutely seamless. At some points of the show, there is a need for an attention split as the projector presents something different from what is shown on stage. As such, there is that danger of missing out on some details, whether on screen or on stage.

Although the cast’s talent is undoubtedly incredible where the actor-singers are able to attain a wide range of pitches, some of them fail to connect with the audience as they sing. The magic of their voices is enough to wow but not sufficient to pull the audience and push them into a vortex of emotions that the characters that they’re playing are supposed to feel. There are points where they are not able to successfully channel the emotions of the characters to the audience in order to make the scene more heartfelt.

At the end of it all, Kaos may have a few little glitches, but it is too amazing to even put those in consideration. It is absolutely world-class and stunning that you just can’t miss it. There are roughly two months to go before it comes to a close, so you better get those tickets immediately. I would suggest getting the Deluxe seats if you want to interact with the cast during the show, but the Balcony area is a great choice as well if you are simply running after the experience of watching the show.

One-of-a-kind and surreal, Kaos is the ultimate variety show you should definitely and absolutely catch. It will send you screaming and gasping. It will send shivers down your spine. It will keep your hearts hanging and your mouths open. It will keep you stuck to your seats and your eyes glued to the stage. The great talents will amaze you that you will have nothing less than praise and respect for them, and the show as a whole will only blow you away that you will smile and crave for more.

Give yourself a break. Treat yourself and your family and friends to a delightful performance. Go and immerse yourself in the magical land of Kaos.

Let your imagination run wild and let yourself be captured by the beauty of art. Go experience Kaos. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

For more information on tickets and schedules, visit the official website of Kaos.


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