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Pia Toscano Says Goodbye to ‘Idol’ – But I Want Her Back on the Show!

Is this for real??!

Unfortunately, it is.

Seeing the talented Pia Toscano go home tonight is truly one of the most shocking and undeserving moments in American Idol this year. After delivering a beautiful rendition of Tina Turner’s “River Deep Mountain High” in last night’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame episode, it was definitely difficult to believe that Pia failed to impress America as much as the other Idols did as she was voted off the show in tonight’s eliminations.

Heartbreaking? I know, right? Even the judges couldn’t believe their ears as Randy Jackson uttered a string of ‘no’s’ and Jennifer Lopez expressed her shock and anger over the results. I feel the same way too, J. Lo. I am absolutely angry over Pia’s departure from the show since she is, I believe, one of the most amazing singers this season. America, you made the wrong decision – Pia is not the contestant who should have gone home tonight.

Sad to say though, I do not control the show, so I guess I and the rest of Pia Toscano’s fans will just have to accept that it is already the end of the road for Pia, at least on being the next American idol. She will, however, be big on the music industry if she goes for it. This is just the beginning of her music career.

After tonight’s results, the question is: did Pia made the wrong move of choosing an up-tempo song? Should she have just stayed with being a balladeer? Not at all.

While ballads may be her strength, Pia proved that she can take on faster songs and give them justice with a magical performance as seen in her duet with fellow Top 13 contestant Karen Rodriguez for the Beatles’ “Can’t Buy Me Love” and her solo last night of a Tina Turner hit. Although lacking in the energy of an electrifying showmanship, Pia’s vocals are undoubtedly enough to amaze anyone and keep the audience engaged. But, you can see that she’s really trying to step up a bit in every episode where she tries to push herself to do something more and prove herself as a performer. However she does it though, she never fails to be a diva on the Idol stage. This New York native always makes it a point to blow us away with her flawless vocals and makes us smile with her efforts to impress her fans and whoever’s watching, so it is really a shocker that tonight has to mark the end of her journey on Idol. It is a sad spectacle to see such a talent who carries with her so much potential being sent home as early as tonight. But then again, this is not the end; it is only the beginning of a far greater musical adventure for the one and only Pia Toscano.

(But please bring Pia back! Petition for that, anyone? Come on, Pia’s voice is insanely brilliant!)

She was born to be a star. She shone like one on the Idol stage every week with her amazing voice and her stunning outfits. She IS a star. Period.

We love you Pia! More power to you! Here’s to your successful music career, cheers! But I seriously want you back on the show – you are absolutely fantastic! You NEED to get back on the show, I swear!

How did tonight’s results make you feel? Did Pia deserve to go home? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Catch this New York sweetheart and the rest of Season 10’s Top 11 on their summer tour after the competition is over! It’s gonna be a blazin’ experience, so don’t miss it if you’re around the areas they’re heading to.

*If you believe Pia should be brought back to the show, please sign this petition I’ve made and share it with everyone you know as well. Let’s be heard! Bring Pia back!


6 comments on “Pia Toscano Says Goodbye to ‘Idol’ – But I Want Her Back on the Show!

  1. Brenda
    April 9, 2011

    American Idol needs to bring her back. America got it wrong. Come on Idol, break the rules this once.
    She is the best singer they have . I’ve been saying her and James will battle it out in the end.

    • Cherszy
      April 9, 2011

      I totally agree! American Idol needs to bring her back! She’s too incredible to be off the show this early. I’ve made a petition; the link’s above. Please sign it for Pia. I don’t know what difference that’ll make, but I hope it helps bring Pia back to the show. Keep your fingers crossed. 🙂

    • Cherszy
      May 18, 2011

      Well, despite our wishes that American Idol will bring her back, it didn’t happen. What a disappointment! Now even James is out! This season’s really insane!
      Thanks for visiting by the way! 🙂

  2. Beverly Dorn
    April 9, 2011

    The judges acted like idiots. Pure Stephano! I liked Pia. But America has spoken & the judges need to refrain their comments & personal bias. They acted completely disrespectful & made insensitive remarks. The judges are their to provide mentoring, guidance, etc. They need to accept the outcome of America’s votes without comment. I was so disappointed in all three of them. I didn’t like Simon Cowell, but at least, he never acted this rude. Shame on the judges — last night.

    • Cherszy
      May 18, 2011

      Hi Beverly! I know it’s kinda insane that Pia got sent home despite that great voice of hers, but I don’t think hating on Stefano would change things. Besides, I think Stefano’s done his best to stay on the show and being on the top 8 of Idol means he’s got talent. While Pia may be undeserving of being sent home, it’s a little unfair to Stefano that he gets bashed on like that just because he stood next to Pia when her elimination was announced.

  3. Herschel Cox
    April 8, 2011

    I am shocked, PIA was not the one to let go. She was the one to keep me tuning in every week,the rest of the show will go on without me watching.

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