a. bucket. of. words.

by Cherszy (@cherszy)

‘You are the Reason Why I Am Turning 1’

After 365 days of venturing into the topsy-turvy, crazy, and super fulfilling world of blogging, my first ever website is now home to…

150 posts,

16 movie reviews,



906 spam comments,

2 site subscribers, and

41, 629 views (as of 4:51pm on my watch).

My Twitter account has also reached 63 followers and 831 tweets.

Truly, I had one incredible year!

To all who have been a part of this joyride – yes, including you spam commenters – THANK YOU so very much! You have all been so kind to have dropped by at least once. I really appreciate it, and I am deeply grateful for your support. You visitors are the reason why I am motivated and inspired to continue writing. Much love to each one of you!

I write because I know someone out there reads. I speak my thoughts because I know at least one person listens.

Anyway, I hope you’ll still stick with me for the rest of my journey because this ride is not yet over. It is only the beginning. Look out for more in the days to come!

Please continue to support me by continuing to visit, subscribing, sharing my posts, referring my site, leaving me comments, liking my posts, tweeting me, following me on Twitter and on Tumblr, and in whatever other ways you wish to do so. I will be absolutely grateful! 🙂

So, that’s what’s happening with me for the one year that I’ve been around WordPress. I’d like to know what’s happening with you on your side of the world. Share with me your thoughts, your experiences, your stories, and whatnot. Leave them in the comments section or tweet me your replies or even email them to me at itzcherszy@yahoo.com. I’d love to hear all about it! 🙂

Happy birthday whutzhappening (a bucket of words) and thank you my dear visitors! You are the reason why whutzhappening (a bucket of words) can celebrate its first birthday.

Here’s to more years for the site and to more ways of connecting with the world through this blog! Cheers! 🙂

I say, live and learn, dream and believe.

With an exaggerated wide smile that’s radiating from a grateful pumping heart,


(I still can’t believe I got through one year of blogging!)


2 comments on “‘You are the Reason Why I Am Turning 1’

  1. enus71
    April 19, 2011

    I subscribed….now you have three…I just started blogging and like you stated it does a body good to know your thoughts are out there and people can and will find them. Like a treasure….have a good day.

    • Cherszy
      April 20, 2011

      Thank you! 🙂 Good luck with your blogging journey! Just remember to have fun! 🙂

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