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by Cherszy (@cherszy)

Because I Was Born This Way, Baby!

*If you think this is just a review for Glee’s latest episode, that’s only half true. So I will encourage you to read on.

Glee went Gaga again last night with “Born This Way” in its mission to remind people, especially teens today, about the importance of self-acceptance. While the message of the episode reverberated loud and clear in the minds of its viewers and obviously received a thumbs up, the construction of the episode in its entirety was not as spectacular, although it was undoubtedly enjoyable. It was just… not too striking.

Lauren, Kurt, Rachel, and Mike in Season 2, Episode 18: "Born This Way"

For Glee to cover its very first 90-minute episode, I was expecting something explosive and grand – even extravagant, I suppose, like the first Gaga-inspired episode back in season 1 – but what I witnessed last night was not much to rave about and therefore I would say that this is not one of my favorite episodes. It was definitely not blah but neither was it wow. There just wasn’t much to it that could clearly set it apart from the other “normal” episodes. It is somehow missing an X-factor that could have made it a little more special than what we’ve already came across with in past episodes.

It cannot be denied that a couple of scenes from last night were a little bit familiar. We’ve seen Rachel get all insecure about herself (hence the wish to get a nose job) many times on the show and Finn coming to her aid after her drama, Finn attempting to dance (well) but failed, and the random dance in the mall (“Safety Dance”, anyone?) before. Nevertheless, the episode did introduce us to a few twists and definitely a couple of great numbers to remember it by. Even though lacking in luster, “Born This Way” was fun enough to satisfy our excitement, especially when Santana and Karofsky teamed up (now that’s what I would call a shocker).

Now, let’s roll back those moments from last night and see what we picked up.

Best Song of the Night: “I Feel Pretty/Unpretty” by Rachel (Lea Michele) and Quinn (Dianna Agron)

Sure, “Born This Way” was the song highlight of the episode. It was supposed to be and it is likewise great, but how could you not agree that this mashup by the two frenemies is just beautiful? It makes you feel pretty and definitely not unpretty. It’s a great tune to sing to and coupling it with such soft and angelic voices of Lea and Dianna just makes it better. So, while Mother Monster’s “Born This Way” is the anthem of the episode, “I Feel Pretty/Unpretty” takes the top spot for best song. Simple but joyful – a great song choice for the duo and a sprinkle of happiness for our gleeful hearts.

We expected that!: Kurt’s return to McKinley and the Warblers’ tribute to his departure from Dalton Academy

Long before the episode aired, this turn of event has already spread throughout the internet like wildfire. The question whether Kurt Hummel would return to McKinley High to join the New Directions in time for nationals or not has long been answered for us, and thanks to that, we missed out on getting the shocked face last night. Just a little emotional, I guess, with Blaine’s goodbye.

While McKinley is where Kurt truly belongs, we cannot help but feel sad for his departure from Dalton Academy especially now that he and Blaine are a hot item. And if we can feel the sadness of such a sudden decision, we are of course sure that Blaine and the rest of the Warblers must be heartbroken .to see Kurt go. Therefore, it is expected that they would say their goodbyes to Kurt in a way they know best – through a song. And how lovely and lonely such a goodbye song could be, “Somewhere Only We Know” really touched our hearts as much as it had surely touched Kurt’s.

But still, we already expected that move! Just not the song.

Biggest shocker: Quinn Fabray IS Lucy Caboosey?

The size 2 princess was once a chubby nerd? Are you serious? Who knew the aspiring prom queen had such a horrible childhood where she had to dissect her own frog because no one wants to be lab partners with her. That is awful! Kids from wherever Quinn, I mean Lucy, went must be terrible schoolmates. Such bullies!

Who would ever want to remember those moments? Well, thanks to Lauren Zizes, our Quinny has to painfully remember them. Not only that, she now has to live with the fact that the photo of her plump cheeks is all over campus – thanks again to Lauren Zizes for posting her photos as posters on the school bulletin. What a price to pay to aspire to be prom queen! Poor Quinn!

But, seriously, what a transformation! What kind of a crazy diet did she get herself into?

Greatest disappointment: Where was Sue?!

Now, she would be someone we’d be intrigued to know what awful thing about herself she would put on her white T-shirt. I mean, with all the crazy attitude and not to mention, terrible and dark personalities she has, which one will she choose to put on her T-shirt as part of self-acceptance awareness? Now that’s gonna be a tough choice and we would have been awed at what word or phrase she could have come up with to describe everything not so likable about the one and only Sue Sylvester. Problem is, Sue’s not even on the episode! What a disappointment! She would have been a great and interesting character for last night, don’t you gleeks think so?

Sue’s absence disappoints, revelation of Quinn’s past surprises, and the episode’s numbers got us smiling. However, we must remember that the more important point of “Born This Way” was for us to get its message and remember it by heart. We must be proud of who we are despite the things that make us less likable by others, such as our flat nose, our dark skin, or our frizzy hair. While we must change for a better us, we must only change what’s really bad about ourselves and not the things that make us merely insecure. We change our discriminating attitude but not the fact that we have freckles on our faces.

Always love yourself because in the end, only you will have the ability to accept yourself fully. If you’re not going to love yourself for who you are, then how can you expect somebody else to do the same? You have to be the first person to completely embrace what you are and who you are as a person before others can learn to accept you as you. If you feel insecure about something in you, then you’ll never find satisfaction. You will not be original because you’re just going to steal somebody’s look or copy somebody’s face – are you gonna be proud of that just because more people will seem to like you? No, you’re not. You’re just gonna be a copycat and that’s never something you will like to carry for the rest of your life. Be yourself. Be original. That’s how you make your mark.

Always hold your head high and walk like you have nothing to be ashamed of. You are you – be proud of that. Be proud of your uniqueness. If they don’t like that, then they don’t. You can’t make everybody like you – the same way you can’t force yourself to like everybody. So get out there and scream to the world that you’re you because you were born that way!

Put on that shirt what you think you dislike about yourself and proudly wear it just to prove to yourself and to the rest of the world that you have come to accept that part of yourself. And not even a slushie in the face can make you change that fact. Either they accept you or they don’t. If they bully you for continuing to be you, just think of it as that bully’s insecurity. He/she can’t accept the fact that you can accept yourself because he/she can’t accept himself/herself. You’re stronger and I’m more proud of you. Raise your flag and be yourself! Wear your shirt and make your statement. The Glee kids have made theirs:

Artie - 'Four Eyes'

Tina - Brown Eyes

Mike - Can't Sing

Brittany - I'm with Stoopid

Quinn - Lucy Caboosey

Finn - Can't Dance

Sam - Trouty Mouth

Puck - I'm With Stupid

Rachel - Nose

Lauren - Bad Attitude

Santana - Lebanese (though Lesbian would have been the more appropriate term)

Kurt - Likes Boys

Mercedes - No Weave

Even Will Schuester and Emma Pillsbury have made their statements…

Will Schuester - Butt Chin

Emma Pillsbury - OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)

And I’m making my own statement…

Cherszy - loud

Yes I’m loud, but I’m proud of my voice’s intensity. You can hear me meters away I suppose, but at least you know I’m still alive. I may be loud but I’m not ashamed to admit it because I was born this way, baby.

What about you? What statement will you be making? 


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