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A Clap of Thunder for Thor, Please!

How often do gods fall from the sky? Not very often, I guess.

Or never at all.


But, don’t you just wish that some god/goddess would get banished once in a while so we could get a glimpse of the mythological stories we’ve grew up with in reality and probably even fall in love with a deity (if we’re lucky enough)? With Jane Foster’s (Natalie Portman) physics research on the Einstein-Rosenberg bridge, we might have a shot at that. Too bad she’s fictional – what a disappointment!

What doesn’t disappoint though is Kenneth Branagh’s Thor which tells the tale of the famous Norse god of thunder, Thor. Although powerful and fearless, the mighty (and handsome) Thor (Chris Hemsworth) was much too arrogant and reckless such that he was stripped off his power and thrown out of the magical realm of Asgard to live amongst the mortals in order to learn some valuable lessons that will make him eventually worthy as a god-hero and as the future king of Asgard.

It is always a challenge to any film writer to recreate an epic tale in the silver screen with some fresh bait to reel in the audience. In their attempt to write a modern day adaptation, there requires an innovative twist while leaving a trace of the original plot in order to be fully appreciated by the viewers. While Thor plays by the formula in terms of storyline and conflicts for a mythologically inspired flick, writers Ashley Miller, Zack Stentz, Don Payne, J. Michael Straczynski, and Mark Protosevich managed to mask such familiarities through humor and wit. Despite the predictable turn of events, the film is able to capture its audience’s interest with an unexplainable charm. It keeps one in a cycle of fun and mystery such that no room for idleness is present, and that plays a big part of the brilliance behind Thor.

A true emotional roller coaster, the film makes one feel mad and sad, happy and sorry at the same time with each scene. These emotions, though contradicting, just simply blend in seamlessly together to create scenes that are beautiful and more importantly, genuine. An emotion connection is established between the characters and the viewers where the feelings of love, hate, anger, envy, and loneliness just knock at your heart and you readily give in. It was simply a lovely movie experience!

The magical ride between Asgard and Earth is definitely a delight, especially with the presence of such an incredible cast. Thor has one of the most amazing pool of talents I have seen where each of them takes on their character with an attitude. They are convincing, they are fun to watch, and they are certainly praiseworthy. Idris Elba, who plays the sentry of Asgard’s gates Heimdall, gave an interesting portrayal of his role. He manages to be both fierce and soft without getting too hitched on either. Amazing!

Thor’s four friends, played by Jaimie Alexander (Sif), Ray Stevenson (Volstagg), Tadanobu Asano (Hogun), and Josh Dallas (Fandral), are a great bunch! They are entertaining, especially Asano, and are certainly great additions to the film. While they may play minor roles, they are not overshadowed as they have established strong images that cannot be easily deleted from mind.

Of course, the two protagonists in the film, played by the handsome Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and the beautiful Natalie Portman (Jane Foster) did not fail to amaze us with their talent and not to mention, chemistry. This on-screen couple just makes us fall in love with them again and again throughout the film. They have this ability to lure in the viewers in order for them to be part of their romantic jaunt. The look in their eyes, the way they inconspicuously flirt, and the moments that they share make the stars shine even brighter and our hearts float even higher. There is that spark between these two that seizes our attention and tugs at our heartstrings.

Apart from his rock hard body which is so godlike, Hemsworth makes Thor a very amusing character as he speaks like a god yet acts like a crazy mortal – the transitions being done in a natural and smooth manner. He embodies the very personality of Thor, carrying with him the arrogance and the passion of a god. If I may say, he is perfect for the role and he plays it really well. This is his big break in cinema, and Hemsworth clearly knows how to rock a great opportunity such as this. He is giving both the realms of Asgard and Earth a real jolt.

Thor’s love interest, played by the Oscar winner Natalie Portman, has once again given us a wonderful performance. She never disappoints, and Thor is no exception. She has truly shown an exemplary portrayal of a confused smart lady who falls for a heaven hunk in her quest to prove her research. She gracefully brings out the best of her role every time, and you just got to love how does that.

The most notable character, however, on Thor is ironically not Thor but Loki (Tom Hiddleston), his evil brother who has daddy issues. While he may not have the big muscles of his brother or the big brains of his father, Odin, Loki is lovable nevertheless. Hiddleston has transformed Loki from a despicably haywire brother to a wickedly captivating villain over the course of the film. As such, Loki’s one of those antiheroes that makes you unable to hate but instead feel sorry for because Hiddleston makes you feel so. His facial expressions are very convincing, and he makes you feel love and hate simultaneously for his character. It seems like Hiddleston has this power to hypnotize and drag you to his world – what a true villain! He certainly gives this film more reason to enjoy.

A light and a fun-filled action adventure where gods meet mortals in T-shirts and metal hammers, Thor delivers a familiar story with an extraordinary charm.

And the thunder roars! Looks like Thor has smashed his hammer again because Thor nailed his story the way he wanted it to.

Rating: 8.5/10


2 comments on “A Clap of Thunder for Thor, Please!

  1. crustabakes
    May 8, 2011

    i just watched this over the weekend and have the hugest crush on chris hemsworth. ANd like you, i think it would be wonderful if gods get banished from time to time so that we mortals can have a taste of what happens up there!

    • Cherszy
      May 9, 2011

      Chris Hemsworth is making all the girls swoon I bet. He’s just so charming! 😉

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