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The Best of McKinley’s Prom Night

They say that prom is the most magical night of anyone’s high school life where young girls become Cinderellas and young guys become Prince Charming in their elegant outfits and lovely hairdos. And the rest of the evening is history. 😉

It’s the night where heels and tuxedos make their way to center stage and steal the spotlight from the casual jeans and flats. It’s the night where many first kisses are made and many dance moves are discovered. However the experience, the night is bound to be a memorable one.

While my junior/senior proms – yes, our school held two prom nights, one for junior year and one for senior year – weren’t exactly as magical as they should be, I would most definitely say prom was a fun experience. I enjoyed chatting with my dates who I only knew that night (our dates were pre-picked for us in order to make sure each pair looked good in terms of height – what the hell, I know!), taking crazy pictures with my friends, and of course, dancing with the guy I liked. 🙂 Now that it’s been 4-5 years since my prom, I find myself looking back at those nights with a smile on my face. Those nights were magical in their own way, I suppose.

So what brought back memories of prom?

Glee‘s “Prom Queen” episode last Tuesday where the McKinley kids had the night of their lives on the dance floor and on the stage, performing for the rest of the student body and their dates. While their gowns and bow ties graced the night with charm and beauty and performances that tuned us right for prom mode, there were some that stood out and which we’d like to give due recognition for a job well done.

Best Prom Dress: Santana 

All our Glee gals undoubtedly rocked their gowns, but Santana just nailed hers with both the color and the style. Red is totally fierce enough for this bitch, and it was perfect for her. As Kurt said, “Devil in a red dress… and it’s totally perfect for your personality”. I totally agree!

Simple and elegant, Santana’s dress tops everyone else’s that night. I love everything about it! Santana didn’t even have to try to make it look great. It was awesome as it is.

Best Prom Dress (Runner-Up): Mercedes

I think Mercedes looked stunning in her purple gown! So, remind me again: why doesn’t this girl have a boyfriend yet? The dress was a great fit for this diva, wouldn’t you agree? Who would have thought that that dress was from a budget shopping spree? It certainly looked more like it was designed by some famous fashion designer who was inspired by Mercedes’ beautiful voice.

Best Tux: Dave Karofsky

I love how his red tie matches the fierceness of his date’s dress. He simply looked dashing in his tux, beating the hotter guys on the show, such as Puck and Sam. Totally fit for a king! And seriously, this whole Santana-Karofsky couple thing, despite all the wrongness in it, is totally adorable!

Best Tux (Runner-Up): Blaine

So Blaine dressed up in the usual black-tie-white-polo-and-black-tux outfit for a guy going to prom, but it suited him so well that I just had to give him his runner-up award for best tux. Looking better than ever, Blaine caught my attention even with such a minimal role in Tuesday’s episode simply because he looked gorgeous in what we wore. And when he got up on that stage to sing “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance”, I’m pretty sure Kurt wasn’t the only one grinning. What a lucky Hummel!

Best Song of the Night: Jar of Hearts

I would have picked “Dancing Queen” by a duet from Mercedes and Santana (and definitely not “Friday” despite the vocals being better), but Rachel just sang “Jar of Hearts” with so much emotions that really carried me away. There was much genuineness in her performance that can make one feel heartbreak and romance at the same time. No wonder Finn couldn’t help but peek over Quinn’s shoulder to look at Rachel (rather creepily) despite the fact that Quinn was the most beautiful girl in his eyes.

Simply a lovely performance!

Prom King and Queen: Dave Karofsky and Kurt Hummel

I couldn’t agree more with how the night turned out in the end with Dave as prom king and Kurt as prom queen. Too bad they didn’t get to dance together as part of the prom tradition! But, yay for Blaine to the rescue!

I love how the show put them as the prom royals for the episode because it just breaks the conventional coronation during prom where the most popular/prettiest girl gets to be crowned the prom queen and the most popular/handsomest guy gets to be her prom king. This is about breaking the ice and creating new rivers out of that. While we know that Glee has always been gay-friendly, I believe putting that in prom perspective is powerful enough to send a message about embracing the gay community.

Well, despite this announcement being a no-shocker – thanks to a certain Nicole Crowther – I am still happy with being able to witness such a glorious event for these two guys. Sorry Quinn, but this time, it’s a victory for Kurt.

And may I say: eat your heart out, Kate Middleton! Ha!

Anything can happen in prom, even dancing to a song with lyrics as ridiculous as that of “Friday”. And anything as in a gay guy for prom queen can happen as well. And I am delighted to have witnessed in Glee that voting for prom king and queen isn’t always a popularity or beauty contest. It’s anybody’s game because anybody who deserves it will deserve it.

So, how did you like your prom? Were you prom king or queen? How did your outfit look like? Sound off in the comments section! Share your prom experiences. 


2 comments on “The Best of McKinley’s Prom Night

  1. charlie nitric
    May 16, 2011

    Good Morning –

    I think Glee is the best show on TV these days. It’s well produced with much talent. I also wonder what it would be like to go to a prom again. Ah for the good ole days, lol. I like your post. Happy Monday to you. 🙂

    • Cherszy
      May 17, 2011

      Glad you liked my post Charlie! Thanks for visiting! 🙂

      And yes, I would agree with you 100% – Glee’s the best show ever! It reminds us of so many things and not to mention, it brings back good (and bad) memories. My Gleeky side is really showing, LOL.

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