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by Cherszy (@cherszy)

It’s Judgment Day… Again!

According to some 89-year-old preacher named Harold Camping, at six o’clock tonight (or at your time zone), May 21, an earthquake is going to slice through the face of the earth like a pepperoni pizza cutter and open graves where around 200 million “saved” souls will fly to heaven. After that, he claims that there will be five months of hell on Earth. This guy is telling us that today is Judgment Day and October 21 will mark the end of the world as we know it.

Well, he also predicted that 1994 will be the end of the world, but we’re still here, so I don’t know what you think of the truth value of this new prediction. In case that’s true, I guess I only have a few hours left to finish this post before some of the dead invade the space outside my window and float into the night sky like balloons and before the earth below me rips apart.

Thing is, both Judgment Day and the end of the world have been predicted again and again throughout history (heck, it’s even been predicted in the movies. 2012, anyone?):

1806 – predicted by the Prophet Hen of Leeds

October 22, 1844 – predicted by Samuel Snow

October/November 1982 – predicted by Pat Robertson

December 21, 1954 – predicted by Dorothy Martin

2000 – predicted by Hai Lindsey

And the rate of success? We’re still here, aren’t we? But I’m pretty sure the real end of the world will be at the end of the year, around October-December, whenever that year is.

Kidding aside, I don’t know what’s up with this hype over the Judgment Day and end of the world predictions. It’s too overrated, if you ask me. And you know what else? It’s as if we’re looking forward to it, but why would we? It’s supposed to be the scariest and loneliest day of our lives, and yet, some people are reporting on it like some sale that’s going on at Target. It is as if a couple of us can’t wait for it to happen such that they pick out a day for the “glorious” moment, calling out a prediction. But, the end of the world is never glorious a thing unless you’re a sadist or a misanthrope, so why all the obsession?

In addition, whether we know it or not, we can’t exactly prepare for it. I mean, how do you prepare for death? Isn’t it that its mystery is what’s interesting and intriguing?

So, we can’t stop death. Neither can we prepare for it. It’s something only the Almighty above us can do. We don’t have power over it, so I guess we can’t predict its coming either. As for Judgment Day, who knows when the Almighty decides to hold it. If we can’t predict what our fellow humans decide to do one thing, then all the more the decisions and actions of a being far more superior than all of us. We call the Almighty “the Almighty” for a reason, so let’s not interfere with what the Almighty has in mind. The Almighty will judge you, yes, but that’s as soon as that Supreme Being thinks you’re ready for it. Leave the schedule up to the Almighty; you can worry about your how your life is being driven up and down the hills first before you hit heaven’s (or hell’s) gates.

With the scare of the prediction of the world’s end or not, I think we should be more concerned with things that are more real around us rather than worry ourselves with how we want to prepare for “the end of the world”. Our lives will cease to exist sooner or later, whether it’s in 3 hours or in 59 years, so there’s no point in fussing about it every now and then. Just live your life!

While we are still breathing, let us not waste a moment of it. Be merry. Eat that plate of cookies (or brownies for me). Write that article. Watch that TV show. Help out a victim in need. Hang out with your friends. Study for your exam. Party.  Fight for what you believe is right. Buy that phone you’ve always wanted. Feed your pet. Go skydiving. Tweet. Do the things that you normally do without thinking about when your last blink will be. You’re gonna get there, but it’s not what you were born to do.

You were born to enjoy your life. Live, laugh, learn, and be merry – don’t waste the opportunities. Remember, you only have one shot – make it worth every day you wake up to.

Live for the celebration of life, not for the preparation of death. 

So what do you think about all these end of the world predictions? Are you buying it or are you just shrugging them off? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section (do it fast, just in case the world blows up later). 


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