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Glee’s on a Break While ‘The Glee Project’ Takes Over – Hello Class of Season 1

Season 2 of Glee might have left us, gleeks, in a hibernation period in preparation for the coming of its third season (which is rumored to be the most exciting and explosive one that the show has come up with yet). While we may already be experiencing some Glee withdrawal for a couple of days now (and birds are probably singing mashups in our heads), we are not left to suffer further as the crew has prepared a new music show obsession for us to enjoy while our favorite McKinley kids take their well-deserved rest this summer: The Glee Project. And last night, the addiction pretty much started to fill us as we finally met the 12 contenders (from the 40,000 who auditioned) who will try to amaze us and their mentors with their multi-talented personalities week after week.

The newest reality competition that offers the ultimate dream-come-true opportunity for the winner to be a guest star in 7 episodes on Season 3 of Glee has welcomed the class of season 1. The question is: are they ready to rock through their series of lessons and challenges?

So, here’s what’s supposedly going to happen every week (based on the premiere):

– the contenders will be given their own “homework” about a song that tackles a certain issue (last night was about individuality and Stevie Wonders’ song, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” was chosen)

– the winner of the challenge will be picked by the member of the Glee cast visiting the studio (Darren Criss brought his slushie with him last night) and he/she gets a “prize” (Matheus got to have a leading role in their group performance and a one-on-one session with Darren Criss after showing uniqueness in his homework)

– all the contenders will practice with Nikki Anders, the vocal coach, and Zach Woodlee, the choreographer, in preparation for their group number

– a music video of the assigned group performance (Katy Perry’s “Firework” was the mentors’ choice last night) is recorded (a yearbook-themed video was produced for last night’s episode)

– the three contestants who have encountered the most “problems” on the episode will be asked to make their last chance performances in front of Ryan Murphy who will then decide who stays and who goes

Sadly, Bryce Vine was the one who got the boot as early as the first episode due to attitude issues. As Ryan said, “imagine working with a person like that everyday”. Well, what more can we add to that? Personality is everything, and it doesn’t matter how great your vocals are. Looks like the heartbreaker got his heart broken first. Ouch!

As for the 11 remaining contenders, they all have to step up their game in order to make sure they don’t land in the bottom three. The last chance performance is a tough one, and we saw how Damian, Ellis, and Bryce really struggled with their numbers. And Damian, “I wish I was Jessie’s girl”? Really? Okay, fine, he was scared to his core as he has never heard the song before. You can’t deny it though: this kid’s got a really sexy voice with an Irish accent and the Springfield song just wasn’t fit for his deep voice. Hey, Scotty McCreery, looks like you’re not the only one with a deep, sexy-sounding voice in town! Just saying.

From what we witnessed last night, this competition is so not going to be easy peasy. The contenders need to be great at singing, dancing, acting, impressing, and everything in between. The Glee Project is tough, so contenders, be ready to get crazy.

Some started off the season as hot shots, but some were under the hot eyes of the mentors – who are going to survive under the scrutinous training and challenges as the weeks go by? There will sure be a lot of tears shed and a lot of hearts shattered during the competition. At the same time, lots of joyous moments will be witnessed and eventually, the glorious moment for the winner will be the sweetest of them all.

Anyone can be a star, but only 1 can be the winner, so who’s it going to be?


Alex, 18 (most likely to be a “fashion designer”)


 Cameron, 21 (most likely to be a “nerd forever”)


 Damian, 18 (most likely to be a “soap star”)


 Ellis, 19 (most likely to be a “kid forever”)


 Emily, 22 (most likely to be a “swimsuit model”)


 Hannah, 19 (most likely to be a “class clown”)


Lindsay, 19 (most likely to “start a charity”)


 Marissa, 19 (most likely to be a “commercial  model for a hair product”)


 Matheus, 20 (most likely to be a “fitness  instructor”)


 McKynleigh, 19 (most likely to be a “country  bumpkin”)


Samuel, 19 (most likely to “go his own way”)

Who are my faves? Alex, McKynleigh, Marissa, Damian, and Matheus. Let’s see who pushes the farthest among my picks.

What about you? Who are your faves? Who do you think will land that most coveted guest star role on Glee? Who might be the next member of the New Directions (I wish I could say me though)? Speak your minds out in the comments section!

Check this out: If I were given the chance to write the character profiles for all the contenders, here’s how the story’s gonna unfold!


Speak your minds!

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