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by Cherszy (@cherszy)

If I Were to Write the Character Profiles for ‘The Glee Project’ Contenders…

Let’s pretend that The Glee Project has come to an end, and an “unexpected” winner has already been proclaimed. Fast forward to the near future and pretend that Glee is already at the end of its third season, with us being teary-eyed over the current batch’s graduation. And as the Glee creators and producers prepare for the new season, let’s pretend they decide to include all 12 contenders of The Glee Project as part of the new cast – whoa!

So, how will the story proceed then? Who will play which characters?

Now, pretend that I am one of the writers of Glee (come on, I’m just asking a simple request from you to ignore the reality and pretend with me).

Okay, so it’s established – I am a writer of Glee and I get to write the profiles for each character. Here’s how it’s gonna play out:

Contrary to how many people think Damian should play a foreign exchange student, I think it would be more interesting to give him something else. I am thinking of giving him the role of being the eyecandy of McKinley. He’s extremely popular with the girls because of his looks and of his sexy Irish accent. Everybody also knows that he was once part of an Irish boy band (called “Jessie’s Guys” probably) which disbanded when Damian moved to the United States when he was 12. Mind you, being part of a boy band is always a plus point!

While all the girls are stalking Damian in the cafeteria and in the hallways, Marissa, the newest commercial model in town, is unaware of his existence. And as all clichéd storylines go, Damian falls heads over heels for her. He insists on them being together because they’re a perfect couple. With both their good looks and great fame, they could be the new king and queen of high school, he says. However, Marissa doesn’t want to hear it as she is tired of young boys who are too full of themselves, and she just wants to focus on finishing high school, so she could become a professional model afterwards. She can get through the corridors without being slushied anyway since she’s popular enough to avoid being bullied, so she doesn’t need to be the new queen bee. But, behind all that fame and confidence, Marissa is bulimic. She believes that she needed to maintain a great shape in order to keep her fame, and she hated herself for every three pounds that she gains.

As the story unfolds, we see that Damian is not the only guy running after Marissa. The school’s biggest nerd, Cameron, also has developed feelings for her but is too afraid to admit it as he is sure that he will just be rejected, especially with Damian around. He needed to be cool and to get rid of Damian at the same time, but how?

Cameron is known to be a weird and an annoying type of guy. He talks to himself, he flirts awkwardly, and he dresses like a clown on the loose – all just to gain attention. Well, he gained attention alright.

Being cool is one thing and is difficult enough, so Cameron decides to get rid of Damian’s oozing confidence first to break his bond with Marissa. Using the nerdiness within him, he, in some wild weird way, was able to discover a secret that Damian has been keeping from everyone: he’s adopted! Cameron took the opportunity to spread it all over campus using one means he knew would be the most effective – telling Lindsay, the school’s one and only gossip girl.

Lindsay is considered to be one of the most powerful girls around – you don’t want to mess with her. Else, you end up on her blog where all of McKinley’s juiciest gossips are posted. Where does she get her sources? No one knows. She just knows everything. And why is she so powerful with her blog? Well, she’s also the mayor’s daughter, and she has bodyguards whose bodies are the size of tanks. With that power, you must now know how she is – she’s a total bitch and a total diva. A spotlight-hogging diva, I should say.

Lindsay has been trained in ballet ever since she was 5 and she has had vocal lessons ever since she was 8. She has also supposedly superb dancing skills. Not to mention, she also believes that her acting skills are overwhelming enough to replace Lea Michele in Spring Awakening. Ooh!

However, Lindsay is not the only talented diva around. Alex, the gay newcomer (he’s the gay Sharpay Evans), also wants the leading role in the new school play that Mr. Schue is directing. His voice can reach a wide range, and that makes Lindsay insecure as she heard him sing one late afternoon in an empty classroom. She’s got competition, and she needs to crush him before the auditions begin. But, Alex has a lot of confidence in himself that he doesn’t care about what others say about him. He cares the least about the gossips that Lindsay spreads through her blog and about getting revenge on her. Alex, however, has a dark past that he’d rather not bring up. It’s the only thing that brings him down every time and where he pulls his emotions from when he sings.

Like Alex, Ellis also has a dark past and is therefore pessimistic about everything. She’s what you would consider ’emo’ and well, suicidal. She wears a frown on her face all the time, and she has this really bad temper which she unleashes when she starts to get impatient, especially when in line for lunch. She’s got cuts on her wrists and has tattoos all over her body. She has attempted to overdose herself with sleeping pills quite a few times, and who knows how that affected her brain. She lives alone in a nearby dormitory and knows voodoo and dark magic. Creepy girl!

On a brighter side of McKinley, there’s Hannah, a bubbly girl who thinks high school is as fun as her hometown carnival. That is, until she got a slushie make-up and chocolate cake dumped on her head. Not too fun now, I guess. Well, fine, not even close to fun. She’s always made fun of every time she eats, but she can’t help it. Come on, food is some really good stuff! Nevertheless, she is hopeful that she will find great friends soon enough – and she will. She even wrote a song about it!

While Hannah’s busy recording her new song at home for fun, Samuel strums away his guitar on the streets for a few dollars to help his mom earn money for their daily expenses. He actually plays a lot of different musical instruments. Maybe, some record company will pick him up and let him rock the Madison Square Garden, who knows? Although a student who’s indifferent about most things, Samuel can be a real sweetheart. If he cares about one person, he will do everything to show that. Aww… shucks!

Nice and famous people aside, McKinley also “boasts” of its very own mini rebel in the personality of Matheus. This 4’9″ always gets into trouble for making pranks all over campus, whether to students or to teachers. Now, Sue’s not gonna like that, is she?

Matheus always fears that he won’t get noticed because of his short stature. He’s already in high school, but he feels like everybody still treats him like he is in second grade. So, he does pranks in order to get attention, especially from the girls (just in case his “abs” are not enough to impress). Although an awful dancer, Matheus just loves doing it. He stays after class to go to the auditorium to pretend he’s doing a concert – and well, he gets caught by Principal Figgins or Coach Sue more often than not. Poor Matheus!

As a risk taker, Matheus will find Mckynleigh to be the person who will most unlikely befriend him. Mckynleigh is your typical “good girl” who likes to keep everything in order. Oh, geez, I’m sure she’ll get along really well with Ms. Pillsbury. She hates going for things that are uncertain and wild. She just simply wants to stay within her comfort zone which restricts her from growing. She doesn’t try out new things even though she is showing some potential in it, such as singing. She always wants to play it safe, but her cousin, Bryce, thinks she should expand her horizons.

Bryce is a self-proclaimed artist who has his own Youtube channel. He uploads covers of various songs every week. Despite the fame of the site, he’s getting very low views because he tweaks his voice to sound authentic (but everybody thinks that it’s simply pathetic). He thinks he could be the next Bieber, but everybody else thinks he’s trying too hard to impress.

While Bryce is pretty confident that he’s famous – thanks to Youtube – Emily seems to be having a hard time being under the limelight. She has always wanted to become a Hollywood actress. She has auditioned for so many shows, but she was never chosen. Well, she did one commercial for a diaper when she was a baby though (but who remembers that when you get to high school?).

Even as a child, Emily has always wanted to be the center of attention. She loves it when people compliment her or notice her. But, in McKinley (or in any other high school), being the center of attention doesn’t come as easy as buying a chocolate bar from the  cafeteria. As such, Emily finds herself as a social climber. She dates the guys from the soccer team in order to be part of the ‘in’ crowd and to eventually lure in the captain who, she believes, will be the one to help her get to the top of the school pyramid. In addition, with the arrival of Marissa, Emily finds her easiest ticket to the showbiz world and you might have guessed it, she befriends her and plans on betraying her after she got her publicity gig.

With that said, McKinley High is now home to a new bunch of kids who will bring us more heat in the new season. How will they become part of New Directions? Well, that’s Mr. Schue’s job – to hunt them down and bring them together.

Alright, you can breathe easier now. The pretension has come to an end. I am now back to my old life as an aspiring Glee writer. It has been my pleasure to have written about the different character profiles for the 12 contenders of The Glee Project, so I hope you had the pleasure of reading it too. 🙂

*If you could be the writer for Glee for one day and you are asked to create the character profile for any of the contenders of the The Glee Project, who will you pick and what kind of character will you write for him/her? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


5 comments on “If I Were to Write the Character Profiles for ‘The Glee Project’ Contenders…

  1. P
    August 18, 2011

    I actually really like your ideas.
    I think I’d prefer to have Damian be the new transfer student from Ireland- thoroughly baffled by American customs and the way he’s attracting most of the school’s female population. He could be best buds with Cameron, and then he could fall for Marissa, and that would spark up a rivalry between the two. But he’d somehow end up falling for Lindsay’s character (for reasons only he knows) who actually likes him back (in a very fangirlish way) and he’d need to struggle with feelings for both girls (very Finn-y, eh? :D).
    I also think Emily could play Santana’s younger sister who has spent her entire life overshadowed by her talented, attractive older sibling; that sense of competitiveness would lead to her burning desire to be popular. On that note, Alex could also play Mercedes’ younger brother who she’s trained vocally, and the show could focus on him coming out to his very Christian family.
    Very rough, but I’d like having connections to the past seasons.

    • Cherszy
      August 19, 2011

      Hi P,

      I like your ideas as well! I think they’re very interesting, especially that whole Emily playing Santana’s sister. I think that’s really fitting! 🙂 About Alex, I actually have that in mind too. In fact, I told Alex about that through Twitter, and he likes that idea as well. He has always admired Amber, so I think it’d be really cool if they play siblings on the show.

      Thanks for dropping by and for your kind words! And by the way, maybe you think we can collaborate on our ideas if we get picked as writers? 😉 Wishful thinking but who knows, right? 🙂

  2. bjn
    August 2, 2011

    sorry to say but most of that was a typical story……the popular guy likes the girl who dont like him and the nerd likes the same girl and they basically fight over her…..but i will say some things might be a nice idea….like lindsay being a blogger for the school….i could see that but overall some of the characters just doesnt fit with the people

  3. blah
    July 13, 2011

    that was awful you would not be a good writer you basically took everything said about them on the glee project, there was no creativity and honestly no one would watch this.

    • Cherszy
      July 13, 2011

      I was really going for a story that revolved around who the contenders thought they were. I think that would make a good starting point before they delved into more mature characters. I think playing who you think you are is not as easy as playing somebody else’s character because you are drawing from your own experience. I know it may not sound as creative, but what I wanted to go for in the story was something more real to the actors, and then they can grow from there. It would be more emotional and heartfelt in my opinion.

      I apologize though if what I had written disappointed you. I didn’t intend to be as “awful” as you’ve described me to be. Despite that, I appreciate you dropping by and leaving me a comment about how you felt about my post. Everybody’s got his/her own opinions, so I respect that. I just hope that you had been more subtle with your criticism.

      And, by the way, I don’t think I took ‘everything’ from the ‘The Glee Project’. The post was inspired by what they said, but I didn’t literally took down notes and pasted them to construct this article. I apologize though if it appeared to be like so.

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