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by Cherszy (@cherszy)

Hey Mummy, What’s for Dinner?

Since we’re all pretty much excited about getting spooked out in tomorrow’s creeptastic itinerary of visiting the local haunted houses, of joining the Halloween parade downtown in your most glamorrific costumes, of attending the eeriest Halloween parties around the neighborhood, of displaying the most awesome scary-looking jack-o-lanterns in your windows, and of putting some sweet treats in the bags of trick-or-treaters, I feel I’d go ahead and be nice enough to start the Halloween spirit with some of these creeplicious delights.

Just in case you’re thinking of what to serve your kids and friends for some special Halloween dinner. You know, just for fun.

Sounds wickedly exciting, don’t you think?

Brace yourselves for some things disgustingly delicious which will, I’m sure, be perfect for a fun and interesting Halloween dinner. Don’t scroll down though if you’re weak and easily disgusted.

Alright, I warned you.

Scroll down at your own risk. 

Valentine Jell-O Heart

Kids, dig in!

What’s the matter? Isn’t Jell-O your favorite?

Don’t worry, that’s not mommy’s heart. You see, I’m still able to make you this lovely dessert.

Recipe here.

Cauldron Curry

Oh, perfect!

Two things that most kids hate – green vegetables and disgusting-looking sauce. It’s the perfect way to scare your kids this Halloween – try it.

Recipe here.

Pickled Brains

Look, it’s a brain! And not just any kind of brain; it’s a pickled brain!

Must be tasty!

Recipe here.

Ladies' Fingers and Men's Toes

You still got your 10 fingers and your 10 toes, right?

Recipe here.

Eyeballs 2003

Eerie Eyeballs

So, here’s what I’ve been stealing from the morgue. This is the collection I’ve been talking about, hun! Isn’t it great?

Now, we got something to get us in the Halloween spirit!


Recipe here.

Halloween Recipe for Edible Eyeballs on a Fork

Forked Eyeballs

Great! More eyeballs.

At least, these are a little cuter?

Recipe here.

Swamp Juice

Swamp Juice

Just in case your guests choke from the weird stuff you’ve been serving them with, you’re ready.

You’re thoughtful that way.

Recipe here.


Rotten Apple Punch

At least you have an alternative, right? Not everyone can learn to love the Swamp Juice, so a Rotten Apple Punch might be a better choice for their beverage.

Add a little bit of vodka too, so your guest will have the courage to go bottoms-up.

Recipe here.

Tentacle Alien Cupcake

Open wide! Tentacles coming through!

Recipe here.

Enjoy your creepilicious dishes! Happy Halloween everyone!

Hey, how about sharing your Halloween plans in the comments section? I’d love to hear all about how you’re going to scare everyone.


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