a. bucket. of. words.

by Cherszy (@cherszy)


What is going on in the world? Have you participated in the latest events?

Halloween Parade in Manhattan

Happy Halloween 2010

A David Copperfield Magic Show

September and October Concert-fest in the Philippines

Waribashi: Japanese Cuisine Course

UAAP Season 73

Topshop’s Big Sale

Happy Father’s Day

French Film Festival 2010

Philippines’ 112th Independence Day

Bottle School Run

‘Dance Like the Wonder Girls’ Contest

Annoying Orange Photo Contest

Trinoma’s Green Light Sale

City Delivery

Art of Cupcakes

An Inconvenient Truth: Asian Edition

APO Hiking Society’s Farewell Concert

Eastwood’s Mini Dessert Fair

Happy Mothers’ Day

Free Comic Book Day from Fully Booked

South Park Censored

Invasion of the Jejemonsters

The Fun Theory

IFEX 2010

Choral Rhythms: MADZ Et Al Jazz Festival 2010

Earth Day 2010

Speak your minds!

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On a tweet spree

  • My heart really goes out to all those who were killed and injured in the Colorado shooting. Man, those people just wanted to watch a movie! tweeted 7 years ago
  • Saw an amazing around-the-world video! Makes me want to just drop out of college and go to Morocco or Argentina right now. tweeted 7 years ago
  • So many Avengers puns are popping on my Facebook wall. My brain's dying from continuously saying "what the hell". Gah! tweeted 7 years ago

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