a. bucket. of. words.

by Cherszy (@cherszy)

The Real Deal on Reels

You’ve followed the adventures of the characters from your most awaited film. You’ve stared at the screen and raved about its beauty and ingenuity. You’ve screamed for your life inside the theaters in the most exciting and scariest scenes. Either those or you’re just about to head to your nearest cinema to watch and you wanna know if it’s going to be worth your every penny.

So hang in there! It’s time to rate those movies and see what their real deal is. What have they brought to the silver screen? Are they worth a movie ticket and a recommendation? Click on the posters to find out!

Speak your minds!

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On a tweet spree

  • My heart really goes out to all those who were killed and injured in the Colorado shooting. Man, those people just wanted to watch a movie! tweeted 7 years ago
  • Saw an amazing around-the-world video! Makes me want to just drop out of college and go to Morocco or Argentina right now. tweeted 7 years ago
  • So many Avengers puns are popping on my Facebook wall. My brain's dying from continuously saying "what the hell". Gah! tweeted 7 years ago

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