a. bucket. of. words.

by Cherszy (@cherszy)

Get Real, This Is Serious

There are many issues at hand, and we can’t just take things sitting down. The world is in danger of injustice, poverty, bullying, discrimination, animal cruelty, and whatnot. The victims are in need of our help. They need us to act; they need YOU to act. Fight for their rights. Be their voice. Let them know you care. Share the love.

Don’t just live your life but also learn something from it. Use that learning to help and be the change. Live and learn, fellow humans. 

Live and learn. 

Click on the links below to learn more about some of the victims today. We have to get real because these things are serious.

Where Is Empathy?

I’m About to Hack Your Facebook Account

10 Years Later: Remembering 9/11

Pandas are Our Friends, NOT Freaks on a Show

Ditch Being Selfish: Don’t Be A Bully

Care to Help the Kids in Uganda?

A Week After Philippines’ Hostage Drama

Help Fight Human Trafficking

Say No To Whale Murder

International Children’s Day: The Essence of It

Dear Newly Elected Officials of the Philippines

3D Trend: So Overrated

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  • My heart really goes out to all those who were killed and injured in the Colorado shooting. Man, those people just wanted to watch a movie! tweeted 7 years ago
  • Saw an amazing around-the-world video! Makes me want to just drop out of college and go to Morocco or Argentina right now. tweeted 7 years ago
  • So many Avengers puns are popping on my Facebook wall. My brain's dying from continuously saying "what the hell". Gah! tweeted 7 years ago

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