a. bucket. of. words.

by Cherszy (@cherszy)

Meet Cherszy

Hi! What’s happening?

I’d like to start off by saying thanks for taking the time to drop by my blog. Greatly appreciated! Hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far!

So, who’s the person behind this blog? Okay, I’ll try to make myself sound as interesting as I can, which just means one thing: I’ll try to make myself sound as interesting as an ad for a new energy drink.

Ehem, so… how does an ad for an energy drink go again?

Oh, right! You need a basketball player to bounce around your screen. Uh, I can’t afford that. Who do you think I am? Donald Trump?

Anyway, let’s just do this – with or without a basketball player. Forget about the whole energy drink ad idea. If I get enough funds, then maybe I’ll reconsider this idea.

Who am I as a miniscule dot in the universe?

A student by day and night (and hold that thought right there because yes, I still have a life, thanks for asking).

A current short-term traveler and a hopeful future globetrotter.

A movie buff (196 movies up to date, not including those I’ve forgotten – sorry, memory gap’s working as early as my 20th year).

A self-proclaimed Gleek (I have watched every single episode, downloaded every single song, and it is one of my biggest dreams to meet the original cast in person – anybody wanna be my fairy godmother on this? Don’t hesitate to hit me up.).

A foodie (a plate of brownies would be a wonderful treat, thank you. We can be friends, you know.).

An advocate of anti-human trafficking and anti-bullying campaigns. A fighter of equality and anti-discrimination (help me fight for a better world and together, let’s make a change).

A fan of the breathtakingly beautiful and bizarrely unique (Ripley’s collections amaze me every time).

An animal lover who fights against animal cruelty.

Basically, I’m a 21-year-old gal who’s living each moment as if tomorrow’s gonna be when I’m releasing my last breath. But, seriously, not tomorrow. I still want to eat more brownies a la mode and climb up the Alps.

Well, I guess I’m just a normal person you encounter everyday, really. No fire-breathing powers, no telepathy skills (I wish!).

For all you know, I can be your next-door neighbor who you’re about to scream at for singing too loud or the person lining up behind you at Starbuck’s who can’t take her eyes off her phone. Or, I can be that girl who’s standing beside you in the subway or who’s sitting in front of you on a plane ride. Say hi, okay?

Like many others, I would love to be able to change the world or at least be the change in someone else’s life. I think it’s important to be able to make a difference because it makes us more human. It makes us understand the world more in a way no one can ever make us. It’s an experience no joy can replace.

I’m also not a fan of politics, economics, and religion. I’m not gonna elaborate on why. They’re just not the fanciest things.

I’m a frustrated singer (I sing in the shower – don’t judge). You should probably have guessed that by now. No? Well, that’s a shame.

And obviously enough, I’m a blogger who’s hoping you’re enjoying her posts on this little blog. Leave comments and subscribe, okay? I’d love to hear what you have to say and so I don’t seem like a blabbering idiot here.

And just some trivia: my real name’s Cheryl, but I’d prefer to be called Cherszy around the net. Just because I love mononyms.

What is this blog really about?

Now, this is tough. As I’ve said, this blog’s kinda random. There are entertainment news, travel stories, and even stories about people. There’s also about those social issues. So what’s focal here?

Nothing. Because I don’t want to have one.

I don’t want to be limited to what I should write because I’ve set a theme. I want to be able to write what I want to write. I want to be reminded of how diverse the experiences of the world are every time I look at this blog, such as how life is full of different (and even contradictory) experiences. I want this blog to be a diary of those things – of what I’ve watched, of where I’ve been to, of what I’ve seen, and of how I’ve felt. And I want to share these experiences with the world, with you. Maybe we can find a common ground. Maybe I can inspire you (hopefully).

This blog’s mostly about travel and entertainment, but it does go beyond these. A bucket of words is about traventertainment and beyond.

Where can you reach/find me?

Aside from the comments section?

Well, I’m pretty much around the net.

You want e-mail? Then, send me that note at itzcherszy@yahoo.com or at itzcherszy@gmail.com.

You just want to tweet me something? Go to Twitterverse and type in @cherszy (follow me too?)

Can’t take your eyes off Facebook? Don’t worry, I’m part of that world too: ‘Like’ me here.

You’re on Tumblr? Then, find me under visualfantasies.

Youtube‘s more your thing? Well, I’m there too! Visit my channel: itzCherszy.

Oh! I’m also on another site on WordPress. Visit it if you have time. It features more humorous posts about our most embarrassing moments (I guess).

Stay connected! And don’t forget to subscribe.

There you go. The ‘About Me’ page has finally come to an end. Sorry for taking so much of your time. Gosh, I certainly hope I didn’t bore you with all my narcissism and craziness. I guess what I just really wanted to say is…

Hi! I’m Cherszy (but you can call me Cheryl if you wish). And nice to meet you!

And this is my bucket of words. Hope you enjoy hanging around here!

So yeah, subscribe, follow me on Twitter, and ‘like’ me on Facebook ‘coz you can be cool that way. And… I’ll send you a box of dancing mini brownies and rapping gummy worms when you do. (But, as of the moment, that experiment is still underway. We’ll get there, you’ll see.)

Live and learn. Dream and believe. –

Speak your minds!

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