a. bucket. of. words.

by Cherszy (@cherszy)

It’s a TV Thing!

Are You Ready for Season 11’s Top 13?

If All of the Contenders of ‘The Glee Project’ Were to Appear on ‘Glee’…

The Premiere of ‘The Glee Project’

Stefano Langone: Last of the Wildcard Picks

Pia Toscano’s shocking elimination from American Idol season 10!

Meet the Top 24 of American Idol Season 10

Who Do We Remember From American Idol Season 10 Show Opener?

American Idol’s New Judges for Season 10

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15

First Look at ‘Hellcats’

Rosewood and Its Deep, Dark Secrets

Say Goodbye to the Tyra Banks Show

E! Turns 20

Lee Dewyze Beats Crystal Bowersox

Speak your minds!

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On a tweet spree

  • My heart really goes out to all those who were killed and injured in the Colorado shooting. Man, those people just wanted to watch a movie! tweeted 7 years ago
  • Saw an amazing around-the-world video! Makes me want to just drop out of college and go to Morocco or Argentina right now. tweeted 7 years ago
  • So many Avengers puns are popping on my Facebook wall. My brain's dying from continuously saying "what the hell". Gah! tweeted 7 years ago

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