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Lee Beats Crystal, and Goodbye Simon!

It was considered as the dullest season in the history of American Idol because unlike the previous eight, Season 9 didn’t really bring much to the stage. But, even so, last night’s finale was something very much anticipated by all, especially by fans of the final two. From thousands to the top 24 to the top 12, and it was down to just Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox in the last showdown of the season. And who was America’s choice?

Crystal or Lee?

Same as that of Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson. Lee Dewyze took the AI’s Season 9 crown last night, leaving Crystal’s fans [including me] heartbroken but happy for Lee’s win.

Congratulations Lee! You worked hard for that win, and this is definitely your first break for your singing career. And once again, here’s Lee singing “Beautiful Day”:

That song was beautiful and it really fit the moment, but Lee would have created a bigger impact with “Treat Her Like A Lady” because that song was his thing. He sounded best in that song of all that he sang in the season. It described him more as a rocker. Here, watch this:

As for Crystal, all I’ve got to say is you are an amazing singer, and I’m sure you will be a big star in the music industry in the near future. I, together with all your fans out there, can’t wait for your first album. And, may I just say, your performance last night was very powerful, and I love it! So, friends, here is Crystal Bowersox’s “Up To The Mountain”:

Congratulations to Crystal and to all the contestants who were in the top 12 of this season! Good job everyone! Well, honestly, if I were to choose my winner, I would have gone with Didi Benami. She was the best in this year’s pack in my opinion. I love Crystal, but I love Didi more. I think the latter’s voice was really unique, and when she sings, you can really feel her emotions, so when she got the boot, I was really saddened because I know she could have gone farther in the show. Well, I would agree that she had some inconsistencies with her performances before she got kicked out, but that girl has some real potential for a singing star.

Didi Benami - rock on, girl!

She caught my eye when she sang “Terrified” by Kara DioGuardi during Hollywood week. It was a real beautiful piece, so here, let me share that video with you:

The other two contestants who I believe will go far are Katie Stevens and Michael Lynche. I especially love Katie when she sang “Chain of Fools”. And Michael? Well, he just gives people the goosebumps with his voice.

This year’s finale was not just all about glorious moments for American Idol. In fact, it was a bittersweet one for everyone. Lee may be savoring the sweetness of his win, but last night was also the night where a lot of people are shedding a tear or two because of the fact that everybody’s favorite judge, Simon Cowell, is leaving AI after nine amazing seasons. He may have had many love-hate memories from both contestants and audience alike, but he knows we all love him. We will miss you Simon and all your wicked criticisms!

There's no one like Simon!

American Idol just won’t be American Idol without Simon!

Again, congratulations to Lee and Crystal!


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